Whitening intimate wash hits Southeast Asia

Lactacyd, the world’s best selling intimate wash brand, recently decided to launch two new products in the Singapore market: White Intimate and Revitalize.

Free samples of the new washes are available through its website and are also being provided elsewhere - I was given them in my Great Eastern Run race pack earlier this month, alongside some slimming products.

Revitalize claims to be “youth reviving” by improving skin elasticity through the ingredients Vitamin E and collagen. Its slogan is “Feel Young. Stay Freshly Supple.”

White Intimate, as its name suggests, is a whitening product for what the brand calls the “V-zone area.” The product is touted as “The natural way to intimate fairness and confidence.” It marketed, unsurprisingly, through the use of a very pale model and images of white orchids.

Now, Singapore is a market where both youth-boosting and whitening products are widely used, so it’s no wonder Lactacyd is trying to increase market share by including these products in its range. (Lactacyd simultaneously introduced its new products in other Asian markets, including Thailand and Hong Kong).

But it raises important questions about how advertising continues to encourage women to feel uncomfortable about their bodies. We are not supposed to be self-confident unless we are fair and youthful. And none of us are ever as fair and youthful-looking as the images projected in advertising.

Whitening intimate wash hit India earlier this year, causing online furor and ridicule. But Lactacyd’s move into Asia has gone largely unnoticed so far.

I, for one, am not buying it.

Watch the Hong Kong TVC here.

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